Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Miley cyrus nude pics. Smashing.

Miley cyrus nude pics. Cool pics:

miley cyrus nude picsmiley cyrus nude picsmiley cyrus nude pics
Miley Cyrus? Okay ..... I want to know if you agree. Miley is 15 and she is a huge celebrety ..... probably under a hell of a lot of pressure. When she took the vanity fair pics, his fans went SCOCI! Personaly I think that all her photos including one of a bra and panties were not apropriate, but made a mistake ..... its human resources to do it! He apalogized more ...... the only reason peopl care is because it is famous! If you go on MySpace or Facebook or whatever .... there are no nude pics .... such as Drop Dead naked and nobody really gives a crap .... but shes a celebrity! Argrees so that you have made a mistake, but he did the right thing to apologize and we're doing the wrong thing by not only forgive her and forgeting about it? Plz be honest!
Watch her SEXTAPE video here...

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