Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lindsay lohan sex. Crazy Pics!

Lindsay lohan sex...

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Story of my life ... To help me, ok? I like this guy ... any advice? ok so in 16 I live in the UK and we are all newcomers to the school. (this is the time in UK). But the school is very much like high school, only that it is only 12th Classes (me) and 13 Class. and no other varieties. and after we have Collge University, which I think is the same as college in America. that was anyway to have only a short bout u know my situation. so that we are newcomers to the college, meet new people each and everything .. So I met this guy. And that's pretty much sez. In love with him, as her love at first sigh Yknow. N tho he is like a very friendly, i cannot get any closer to him close. I want to talk him into some of my classes, and I with him when I get a chance, but I do not know what else i ung?, How to actually get him? right or at least his friend, and not someone he talks to every once in a while. And he has his guy friends, but I see him very anxious Increasingly hanging out with this gang of girls. I think he might want of which one or sumin. I dont mean hes a player, but each boy receives an action, nothin wrong with that. gettin to know the opposite sex, and everything ... The only that I really, really like him. s and I get jealous when I see him with them. I saw him embracing two of the ... Do u think he really like one of the? And I am a mother to ever jealous? I feel like a totally sad, pathetic nerd (not in). Its like hes my aron Samuels .. u know movie Mean Girls? its like im da geek played by Lindsay Lohan, and since hes cute guy i couldnt get. (if not the whole thing bout Mean Girls, popularity and love him, coz dat nothing to do wiv my story has). I know u might say love at first sigh, not, unfortunately, but u should see him only! he is so cute! He has dimples when he smiles, and his hair is so beautiful, hes so adorable .. so my questions are What shall I do? What do u think of my story? Do u think he likes one of the females he hangs around with? Am I nuts for being jealous? u have had similar experiences?
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